Asia Pacific University Careers

Application Procedure

What is the application procedure and what happens after I submit my application on this website?

After you submit your application, we will process it based on your eligibility for the MACH program. If you do not fit the eligibility, do not worry as we can still look to recruit you as an industry hire. An industry hire though will not enjoy the benefits of the MACH program.

After we process your eligibility, we will then send you a link to record a video interview. The video interview will have 3 questions for which you will have a set limit of time to answer. Upon answering, you will once again be accessed. Once you have passed through these rounds, we will follow up with an email inviting you for an assessment center.

What is the average length of time in which I should expect a response?

You can expect to hear from us within 5 business days.


How many rounds of assessments do I have to undertake?

4 rounds. This includes 1 video submission, an assessment center and 2 rounds of face to face interview.

What type of assessments am I expected to undergo? Who will be the people that will
conduct these assessments?

The video submission is done electronically, the assessment center is done via a fixed date in the country of hire and with the recruitment team while the final interviews are done with the hiring managers.

What should I prepare for the assessment center?

You should look to understand the philosophy of the company by performing your own research on our business and core values.

What material should I bring for the assessment center?

Writing material will be provided during the assessment center. You should bring some form of identification.

Can I skip the assessment center and still be considered for a role?

The assessment center is valuable in helping our hiring managers access you in a dynamic setting. You may still have final interview rounds with the hiring managers but this are usually under exceptional circumstances.

What if I am not available for the proposed date of the assessment center?

The assessment center is fixed and cannot be accommodated for any one single individual.

What if I am not in the country of the assessment center?

You will be provided a flight ticket and accommodation from Microsoft to attend the assessment centers. However, VISA application and the cost incurred is not handled by Microsoft.

Can I do the assessment in another country which has a Microsoft office?

No, only under exceptional circumstances can this be done.

What happens after the assessment center?

If you pass through, we will arrange for final face to face interviews with the hiring managers.

Role Description

Can I apply for a role which I don’t have strong experience in?

Yes, you can. The MACH program hires based on potential more than prior experience.

MACH MBA Description

Is the MACH program a rotational program? Will I be moving from one department to another?

No, it is not a rotational program and you will not be moving within departments.

Is the MACH program similar across geographies?

Yes, the program is adapted to the working cultures of the specific country of hire but the general purpose and plan of the program is the same.

What are the advantages of being in the MACH program?

You will be exposed to training programs, inter geography networking sessions and have a base of MACHs who will be helping you in your Microsoft career.

What happens if I do not meet the requirements of a MACH program even as an MBA student?

We will hire you as an industry hire. Industry hires do not enjoy the perks and benefits of being a MACH.

Pay & Residency

Will I be paid with the country’s local currency and on the pay scale of the local workforce?

You will be paid in local currency and competitively benchmarked against the industry standards.

If I am not a resident of the country, will I have allowances for accommodation?

Depending on the country, accommodation and relocation policies will apply.

Who will be the one helping me apply for a work VISA?

Microsoft will be helping you make arranged where required.

Which countries can I apply for with less VISA restrictions?

Currently, Singapore & the Philippines have less working VISA restrictions, however you should check the local immigration policies for confirmation. Local language requirements will be required for South East Asian countries.